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Terms & Conditions


  • St.Nicholas Hotel is NOT en-suite i.e. no attached bathrooms; please check our facilities online or with a member of staff BEFORE booking and paying for a room.
  • Bookings are NON-TRANSFERABLE.You cannot transfer or resell your booking, in part or whole.
  • You may make a booking on someone else’s behalf. However, you must provide ALL their details and your own and you are responsible for ensuring that they are aware of our facilities and terms and conditions.
  • Weekly rates must be paid in advance and in full and for 7 consecutive nights or more to qualify. This cannot be back dated.
  • Bookings for multiple rooms will need to pay a minimum 50% or rounded up to the next full night, NON-REFUNDABLE payment. e.g. a 5 day booking will need to pay 3 days payment. Once this is paid and we have ALL details, full names and numbers etc. we can hold the rooms. The remainder balance to be paid 1 month prior to arrival, non-negotiable.
  • Long term stays of a month or more will need to pay 3 nights deposit which will be given back to you on check out providing you have given us 3 days’ notice. Failure to give 3 days’ notice will result in losing your deposit. The deposit CANNOT be used to pay for the room.
  • You Must be at least 18 years old to make a reservation or occupy a room. Children under 18 can occupy a room but not alone, a parent must be with them.


  • All payments are in FULL and in advance of your booking or upon arrival by 5pm.
  • ALL prices are per room, per night and inclusive of V. A.T.
  • Payment must be made no later than 5pm on the day of your booking or the room will be cancelled.
  • We do not accept part payments or payment at check-out.
  • Acceptable forms of payment: Cash or card using Chip+Pin Card ONLY.
  • ONLY guest with full i.d and a proven track record at the hotel can pay over the phone.
  • ALL other payments to be made at reception in person.
  • Once a room is paid for,there will be NO REFUNDS.
  • Re-scheduling your booking after payment to another date can be made only ONCE and with 48hrs notice.
  • Should you wish to keep the same room the next day; ONLY if there is availability, Payment MUST be made NO LATER than 11am; otherwise the room will be cancelled.
  • The key card deposit of £1 cash is COMPULSORY. This is refunded back on return of the card.
  • Receipts are available upon request at the time of payment.


  • PHOTO – ID and photo is required from ALL guests staying in the hotel in advance or at the time of booking/payment. We cannot accept bookings without ID; this is for our records only and to verify name and age. Your I.D and photo will be stored in accordance with GDPR and our Privacy Policy.
  • Acceptable forms of ID are:
    • Driving License or Provisional Drivers Licence
    • Passport
    • Construction ID
    • Home office identity cards


  • CHECK IN TIME IS FROM 2pm – 5pm – If you have given us an arrival time which needs to be changed it is YOUR responsibility to notify us of this. Failure to turn up or arrange an alternative check-in time with us will result in the room being cancelled.
  • Rooms will Not be held after 5pm without full payment. However if pre-paid in advance the room can be held after 5pm.
  • CHECK OUT TIME IS 11am, regardless of your check in time – We are NOT able to extend check-out times.
  • Early check-ins are NOT guaranteed and ONLY if available and at the manager’s discretion.


  • Rooms have a MAXIMUM occupancy. Please check with a member of staff BEFORE booking and paying for a room what your maximum occupancy is. It is YOUR responsibility to be aware of the occupancy amount. The room will be cancelled immediately and with no refund if more people are found occupying the room.
  • Children and babies are classed as a person and will be charged accordingly.
  • This hotel is a NON SMOKING hotel in line with government regulations.
  • Smoking is ONLY permitted in DESIGNATED SMOKING ROOMS, which are on the top – 2nd floor.
  • Smoking in a non-smoking room, out the window, bathroom, kitchen or communal area or leaving a non-smoking room smelling of smoke will result in a cancellation of the room. You will ONLY be offered smoking rooms IF available in future.
  • Tampering with the smoke detectors is NOT allowed e.g. Removal or covering; this is potentially dangerous and is detectable via our alarm system.
  • NO candles, incense sticks or electronic cooking appliances are allowed in any of the rooms. Using any of the above is against fire regulations and is a danger to other residents.
  • Please note your fire exits and fire notice attached to your room in case of an emergency.
  • NO pets, posters, fixtures or fittings are allowed or the removal of fixtures and fittings.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to make sure ALL your items have been removed on check out. However if any possessions are left behind, the hotel will attempt to contact you in order to arrange collection. If they are not collected within 24hrs they will be disposed of.


  • We do not tolerate guests being abusive, violent or causing a disturbance on or around our premises, to staff, other guests or local residents and shop keepers.
  • We do not tolerate damage to the ANY part of the St.Nicholas Hotel and its grounds.
  • The use or possession of drugs is strictly prohibited on our premises, including in the car park.
  • The above points WILL result in:
    • IMMEDIATE CANCELLATION of the booking with NO REFUND.
    • Being BARRED from all future bookings.
      ALL CCTV evidence + ID will be passed onto the POLICE for PROSECUTION.


  • Baggage left at reception should be collected by 5pm on the day of checkout, unless otherwise arranged.
  • Due to the limited space we cannot hold onto items for longer periods.
  • Baggage or items not collected by 5pm WILL be disposed of within 24hrs.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to inform the reception of any delays in collecting your items.
  • The hotel reserves the right to check ALL luggages left or held if we feel there is a security risk.


  • The Car Park is ONLY for GUESTS staying at the hotel- You MUST inform reception that you are using the parking facilities and leave accurate vehicle details with us to avoid a fine or removal.
  • The hotel accepts no liability for cars, vans, bikes or any other vehicle parked in the hotel car park or gated area. VEHICLES PARKED THERE ARE AT THE OWNER’S RISK.
  • Long wheelbase vehicles or trailers MUST use our gated lock-up facility.
  • Keys for the gated area are available at reception and require a £20 deposit in cash. The deposit will be refunded when you return the key.
  • Keys cannot be kept and MUST be returned on check out.
  • Vehicles cannot be left in car park or gated area once you have left the hotel.
  • NO sleeping allowed in any vehicle parked in car park or gated area.


  • For security, this hotel does NOT ALLOW VISITORS or DELIVERY people into the hotel at any time. Rooms will be cancelled with no refund if this occurs.
  • This hotel is manned 24hrs.
  • CCTV is operational throughout the hotel and outside areas.
  • CCTV recording units are not on the hotel premises.
  • ONLY management and Police will be allowed access to CCTV video footage.

GDPR Privacy Policy:

  • For details of our Privacy Policy please see our website or ask at reception for a printed copy.


  • This hotel is governed by the Hotel Proprietors Act, 1965, with regards to any loss or damage to a guest’s property.
  • This notice does not constitute an admission either that the Act applies to this hotel or that liability there under attaches to the proprietor of this hotel in any particular case.


Breaking any of the T&C’s could result in either or all of the following: Immediate Cancellation, No Refund, Barring or Prosecution.

The St.Nicholas Hotel reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.