Room Rates


Room Type
  Daily Rate
  Weekly Rate
Double Room (2)   £44   £273
Twin Room (2)   £49   £308
Triple Room (3)   £54   £343
Quad Room (4)   £59   £378
Family Room (5)   £64   £413


All prices include V.A.T

As a family run business we appreciate how important it is for our guests to budget their costs, whether you’re an individual, a family, or company. That is why we offer a transparent pricing policy. You will not see us on any booking sites or third party sellers with inflated and constantly changing prices. We have the same price whether it is a week day or weekend, summer or winter, peak demand or low demand.

Before booking, please take time to read our booking terms and conditions.

To book your stay, call now on 020 8907 8876 and speak to our reception desk


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